Take off areas:

1) “Shaghap”  — coordinates   39.920522°/44.924853°,  h = 2330m
2) “Lanjanist”  — coordinates    39.900185°/44.944862°,  h = 2375m
3) “Ulgyur”  — coordinates   39.823449°/45.215636°,  h = 2390m
       – One can reach take off areas via 4WD vehicles (there is no asphalt-based road),
       – Sunny weather (precipitations are relatively scarce in this region of Armenia)
       – Practically unlimited fields for landings,
       – Predictable micrometeorology, “surprise” changes of weather usually do not happen
       – Long stretch of mountain range that allows to fly great distances
       – Good XC conditions, thermals are relatively high, Thermal cycles are long-lasting

       – Far fromYerevan
       – Cut relief and relatively complex aerology
       – Landing zones taken separately may have limited dimensions, requires a little more caution
       – Air is turbulent during hot, thermal seasons, which is not appropriate  for the flights of less experienced paragliding pilots
       – landscape is rocky, also  has steep cliffs
       – Southern, South-western
Flying season:
       – Spring, Summer, Autumn  
       – Locals are good people, had few contacts with them, though positives

Here is amazing video that is filmed mostly in that region. In this region where made longest FAI triangle.