Anna 4

Take off area:

Coordinates:   40.589128°/ 44.951533°, h = 2300m

        –  Mountain range, has long straight ridges, good for dynamic soaring,
        –  You can find the convergence phenomenon almost always, which allows to soar not only in the dynamics near the slopes but also in the entire territory even to novice pilots,
        –  Smooth, soft, grass-covered fields for landings,
        –  Take off areas can be reached via ropeway (cheap, fast, and comfortable :))
        –  Take off areas can be reached also via 4WD vehicles (there is no asphalt-based road).

        – Weak XC potential, usually there are no high thermals 
        – Landing zones are limited, surrounded with high-voltage power lines 
        – Meteorological “surprises” take place. Sometimes air becomes unpredictably turbulent, or relative humidity level increases rapidly, because of humid air over the lake and the clouds hinder sunlight (especially during the second half of the day) as a result fog forms and the visibility falls.

        – North, North-east winds

Flying season:
        – July – September, when the global winds become Northern.

        Here is a short tandem deep spiral that shows you amazing landscape of Sevan flying site 🙂