Lake Sevan-Dilijan with Haghartsin monastery-Parz lich (Clear lake)


Armenian Switzerland and “Pearl of Armenia” lake Sevan will give you unforgettable emotions and will make you feel closer to mother-nature.


Lake Sevan-the “blue-eyed” Pearl of Armenia-is the largest freshwater high-attitude lake in Eurasia. And the best view for the lake opens from the black-stoned Sevanavank monastery which is situated on the top of peninsula. The opened view makes each visitor stay for a while to breath the fresh air, to feel the lake calmness and, surely, take unforgettable photos.  The restaurants all along the beaches will make the guests of lake taste fresh fish just from the lake.

Dilijan-Armenian Switzerland. The city is surrounded by the forests of Dilijan Natural Park, and every season like a painter, colors this picturesque place in bright colors making Dilijan one of the unforgettable places for the visitors. Haghartsin monastery is one of Armenia’s most popular monasteries which was built in 13th century just in lush forested mountains. And the last stop is Parz lich which is translated as Clear lake. It amazes with it’s beauty and calmness. Once you get there, you forget about the time.

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